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This was clearly getting to Sue. As if shaking off a fog, she drew Wayne’s
face to hers and began hungrily kissing him, sucking her tongue into her
mouth as she sought out his nipples with her free hand. She found the
bottom of his shirt and slid beneath it, moving her hand about until she
alighted on first one nipple, then the other, mimicking what he was doing
to hers, perhaps to illustrate the pleasure he was giving her.

Wayne once again broke the kiss and returned his mouth to her tits, and as
he sucked her nipple between his lips he began to slide his hand lower,
and slipping his hand over her flat tummy, along her sleek hips to the hem
of her dress, reaching almost to where her delicate ankles were still
crossed. Slowly at first, then more determined as she showed no sign of
resistance, Wayne worked the hem of her dress up past her knees, along her
stockinged thighs, finally dipping beneath the cloth to caress her legs. I
watched as his hand entered this cloth-shrouded cavern between her legs,
first his fingers disappearing into the darkness, then his whole hand.
When had reached halfway up her thighs, I heard him gasp and he drew away
to look at her. She smiled, whispered something I couldn’t catch. I heard
him sigh, and kiss her more recklessly as he started working at the
remaining buttons of her dress.

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Jim’s cock was growing as Kim pulled the lace of the bra under Carol’s lovely
tits. Kim fondled the left tit tenderly as she took the right into her
mouth, Jim pulled his now fully erect cock from his pants as his wife sucked
greedily on Carol’s nipple as her hand creased Carol’s thigh above her
Jim watched as Carol slouched on the sofa so her ass was at the edge and
begged Kim to eat her cunt. He quickly undressed as Kim reached a hand into
Carol’s panties and and stroked her clit. Carol was now pleading wildly
“Suck my pussy, please do it now. ” Jim, his blood gorged cock aching stepped
into the room. Kim was startled and began trying to explain when she noticed
his cock was standing straight up, as she had never seen it do before and his
eyes were definitely lust filled. Jim stood before the women and pleaded to
let him suck their pussies.

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On friday Jim left as if to go to work but instead after Kim had showered,
put on a sexy black nighty and went to the kitchen to start coffee, he
entered the bedroom and hid. Carol rang the door, Kim opened the door and
posed in the door way in her black nighty. Carol smiled and said you always
did know how to get my blood boiling you bitch. As Kim closed the door Carol
took Kim in her arms and kissed her warmly as she let her hands wander over
Kim’s ass. Kim’s tongue drove into Carol’s mouth as Carol’s fingers found Kim’s
nylon clad ass crack and pulled her closer. Kim pulled Carol to the sofa,
Kim kneeled on the floor between Carol’s spread legs her skirt rode to her
thighs as Kim moved forward. Kim slowly unbuttoned Carol’s blouse revealing a
black lace bra to Jim’s spying eyes.

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Kim said Carol you really are incorrigible but I do love you. Jim listened
as Carol told Kim to come to her place friday as soon as he left for work and
they could have all day to play before Dave came to pick them up. She then
promised her the best weekend she ever had.
Why don’t I call you after Jim leaves Friday and you can come over here
instead, I’ll have to pack then anyway and it’s closer to the mountains. Ok
Carol said but call early I can’t wait to get you in my arms again and feel
your breasts against mine Kim said well I better hang up now you are getting
my panties wet with all this nasty talk. Ok I’ll see you friday. Bye.

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Kim cut in, you mean little Fred has a monstrous cock, I don’t believe it.
Don’t Carol said, it was the thinnest prick I ever saw, I almost laughed in his
face but I did get an A on that paper, anyway he fucks me with great
enthusiasm, and I can hardly feel a thing. Well after jumping up and down on
my body for what seemed like an hour he cums.
I figure good even though it did nothing for me he’s happy and I don’t have
to feel obligated anymore. Well he asks if he can eat me out and precedes to
lap my pussy as well as his own cum, as I watched him drink the cum I came
and came. Then after we both rest he begs to fuck me in the ass. Well you
know I never liked that but I agreed and girl that skinny dick gave me one
orgasm after another and after he came he ate out my wet pussy and sucked
his cum from my ass. It was really great. And one day if you’re a very good
girl I may let Fred fuck your ass as I eat that delicious wet cunt of yours.

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Jim went to the basement and removed the transmitter from the phone there to
listen in on the call.
Carol was saying “You mean sanctimonious Jim said you could go it’s
unbelievable. He is such a shit I can’t believe you married him. Not now
Carol, anyway tell me about Fred, I thought you always hated the way he
followed you and asked you out all the time ? I did , but I got in a jam on a
biology paper and he helped me out and as a reward I went out with him. Well
anyway I was almost obligated to sleep with him. And when he undressed I was

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As he continued reading his interest was disrupted again by Kim’s giggling on
the phone. Jim’s thoughts returned to the afternoon and was sure Kim was
talking to one of the painters. His anger was about to return when Kim hung
up and came in smiling. She told Jim that it was Carol, who was Kim’s
roommate in college only last year, and that she had invited Kim to a weekend
in the mountains. She had refused because no men were allowed and she would
have to go without him.
Jim could feel a tightness begin in his crotch and before he knew it he had
told Kim that she should call Carol back and accept as he had forgot to tell
her he was going to New York to a conference this weekend. Kim looked
startled because Jim had never forgot to tell her well in advance any other
time he had to leave town. Jim had always hated Carol and didn’t like her to
even talk to her. But she accepted his words and went to call Carol back.

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They had some success in increasing the breeding production of various
animals from mice to primates with a cheap and easy to produce chemical food
additive. There was no question that in all tests it had greatly increased
the time spent in sexual activity, and suggested from data that it increased
fertility. A note was added that research should be done to determine if at
a latter date this chemical could also be marketed as a fertility drug for
Although it had been noted that in some male primate subjects there
was a permanent increase in the size of the testicles and penis, and that
these side effects would have to be overcome before the FDA would approve a
study involving humans. Jim was interrupted by the phone ringing, but Kim
answered it in the kitchen.

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Jim, his cock deflated still watched his wife in disbelief he could still
see her wet pussy and a little cum that had flowed to her belly button. As
Kim got up she noticed the jism and scooped it up with her finger, she smiled
as she sucked to cum covered digit into her mouth as she entered the bathroom
and started the shower.
Jim left the house and got his car and preceded to drive home as it was now
close to his normal arrival time. He unloaded the car of his notebooks and
personal equipment and took them to the basement and set up a work area, as
he planned to continue his work at home. He took one of the books and went
upstairs to meet Kim.
Kim met him at the door dressed in shirt and slacks. Jim could not help
think how different this image from the one he witnessed earlier. Kim gave
him a kiss and said dinner was going to be a little late as she had had a busy
day and was running late. Jim could not help but smile at that remark and
Kim looked at him as if it were a strange reaction to her words. Jim read
the notebook on the project.

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Jack could smell the mix of Kim’s pussy and the jism that was still visible.
Jack ran his tongue over Kim’s wet mounds and Kim pulled her cunt lips apart
to give his tongue access to her cum drenched hole. Jack’s head was then
pushed into the gap and Kim ground her pussy into his mouth. Kim yelled “eat
my pussy, suck all the juice , yea that’s it. Now open your mouth real wide ”
At that she shuddered and released her cunt muscles, and let a river of cum
flow into Jack mouth and cover his face. He tried in vain to move away but
Kim’s legs held him tight to her box.
Kim yelled “Yea Baby eat all that cum juice every drop. Jack had to swallow
the cum and cunt juice to breathe and despite these facts was finding himself
getting hard again. Jack was now really sucking Kim’s pussy with abandon
licking every crevice and cunt hair. Kim noticed his cock coming to erection
and told him to swing around so she could give him as good head as he was
giving her. Kim engulfed his cock and was jacking it off into her mouth as
fast as she could, she was about to cum again and wanted to taste his cum as
she climaxed.

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He began pumping hard just as Jack was filling Kim’s mouth with his white
jism. As he was finishing he let some of the cum run down his shaft and then
wiped the slimy shaft all over Kim’s face. She had swallowed the rest of his
load and as Bob’s cock shrank she licked the remaining jism from his cock
Jim stroked his rock hard cock as he watched his supposed innocent wife with
another man’s cum dripping from her chin, and her loving it.
As Don fucked into Kim’s pussy she was reaching a climax of her own and as
she clamped her pussy muscles around his cock he began to feel the pressure
building in his balls. Kim yelled as she came again and again . She jammed
her hand into her twat to encourage her climax as Don shot his wad, the juice
splattered on her cunt lips covered her bush and her hand as she again
brought her pussy to a climax. Kim was still twiddling her clit as she
called Jack to finish her off by eating her cum filled hole. Jim watched as
Jack knelt between Kim’s legs she laid her legs on his shoulders and pulled
his mouth to her dripping cunt.

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Jim had never witnessed such animal lust before, much less directed to his
wife, his dick had risen again and he began jacking off fiercely again, as he
watched Kim’s large titties bouncing as Bob rammed his cock again and again
into the depth of her pussy as Jack fucked her face as if it were a cunt.
Don was slowly stroking his meat as he watched and waited his turn. Bob was
cumming to a climax and slowed his assault and shot his load deep into Kim’s
dripping pussy. Jack pulled his prick from her cunt and pulled along the
length of his shaft to spurt the last of his cum onto her cunt hair. Now Don
saw his chance and pushed Bob aside as he jammed his wide cock into Kim’s
juicy wet pussy.

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Kim then took the length of Jack’s cock slowly into her mouth her tongue
darting along the shaft, then slowly she pulled the cock meat from her hot
mouth and kissed Jacks balls and then said . “Don’t you want to ram your dick
into my throat baby it tastes so good and I really want to drink your white
cum load now please give it to me. ”
Kim was rubbing his cock on her cheeks and eyes as she talked and Jack
couldn’t take any more and agreed as he shoved his dick hard into Kim
mouth. “Yea Ok I’ll eat your fucking cunt, but I’m going to fuck your goddamed
mouth till you yell for mercy. Jack started pumping his cock hard and fast
he drove it in until his balls slapped at Kim’s chin and her nose became
buried in his pubic hair.

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“Who wants to fuck me first?”
Bob moved first as Kim laid on the bed her legs spread and hanging over to
end of the bed. Bob moved between her legs cock in hand and guided his 8″
cock into her wet pussy. As he started pumping Kim pulled Jack to her and
had him straddle her face. Jack presented his cock to Kim’s impatient mouth.
“If I suck you off and let you cum in my mouth Jack I expect you to eat me
when I’m ready and I won’t let you back out is that understood?”
Jack realizing that Bob was already fucking her pussy for all he was worth
and that she was going to have a load of cum in her snatch soon, and he
objected to having to eat Kim’s soon to be cum dripping pussy Kim just
started licking his cock and balls and said “well Jack you must make up your
own mind but it’s really a shame because I would like to have you cum on my
face and taste your white juice.

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Jim, about ready the shoot his wad made a hasty retreat to the closet and
again watched as Kim entered a cock in each hand and Bob following his cock
at attention also.
Kim positioned the three men around her. One at a time she took a cock in
her hand and kissed that man passionately before moving to the next. After
this she went to her knees, and in turn kissed the head of each man’s cock.
Jim became so excited by this that he shot his wad all over the closet
door, although he never took his eyes off his wife’s mouth as it slowly sucked
each man’s cock deeper and deeper as she made the circle again and again.
Kim’s pussy was as wet as ever and she was ready for a good fuck. Kim got up
and again wetly kissed each man in turn.
Then said as she stripped her panties off.