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This was clearly getting to Sue. As if shaking off a fog, she drew Wayne’s
face to hers and began hungrily kissing him, sucking her tongue into her
mouth as she sought out his nipples with her free hand. She found the
bottom of his shirt and slid beneath it, moving her hand about until she
alighted on first one nipple, then the other, mimicking what he was doing
to hers, perhaps to illustrate the pleasure he was giving her.

Wayne once again broke the kiss and returned his mouth to her tits, and as
he sucked her nipple between his lips he began to slide his hand lower,
and slipping his hand over her flat tummy, along her sleek hips to the hem
of her dress, reaching almost to where her delicate ankles were still
crossed. Slowly at first, then more determined as she showed no sign of
resistance, Wayne worked the hem of her dress up past her knees, along her
stockinged thighs, finally dipping beneath the cloth to caress her legs. I
watched as his hand entered this cloth-shrouded cavern between her legs,
first his fingers disappearing into the darkness, then his whole hand.
When had reached halfway up her thighs, I heard him gasp and he drew away
to look at her. She smiled, whispered something I couldn’t catch. I heard
him sigh, and kiss her more recklessly as he started working at the
remaining buttons of her dress.

You wanted to see me fuck someone else

In her body I see none of the imperfection that made her mind
such a puzzle. Perhaps that is why I loved her body first.

But, yes, I loved her mind.

I thought I knew her mind. We allow such illusions to lull us;
there was much I didn’t see until that gloomy November evening.

I was going to see her at her apartment that evening. It was
early, and the sky was gray with the anemic fall light that
shines between rains. I was expected; I was almost always ex-
pected, always welcome, so I wasn’t concerned when she didn’t
answer my knock at the door. Most probably she was upstairs in
her bedroom, and hadn’t heard me. I let myself in.

Sixth sense. There are those who laugh but I have felt one at
times. There was nothing out of the ordinary, nothing out of
place in her apartment, no more so than usual. She had often
told me that she and I are complementary beings: I am neat and
she is not. The disarray, she said, comforted her. Nothing
complicated about that, and nothing unusual about the drift of
objects accumulated on the table. Nothing unusual in the way her
work was strewn about, drawings and sketches arranged in some
crazily logical assembly across the floor.

So how did I know that something was very different? I felt it
somehow, but I knew it when I heard her cry out. I’ve said that
I know her body. I know the way it moves, the way it accommo-
dates, the way it welcomes, and the way it reacts. The way she
reacts. I knew that cry, knew it as almost a trophy that I had
always been smugly proud of producing, of possessing.

Ann has never been a quiet lover. Continue reading You wanted to see me fuck someone else

Delicious Asshole

Delicious Asshole
There just happened to be a tube of “XE-41 Industrial Strength

Recreational Lubricant” in the top drawer of her dresser. Just behind

several stacks of panties. Very curious. Could be she had already

rehearsed her little fantasy, possibly with the active participation of

a silicone sex toy or two . . .

She knew the moves all right. Her heavenly gate, the entrance to her ass,

dimpled inward, then relaxed and dilated as I gently entered into her

innermost mystery. She was hot and buttery-slick inside and I glided past

her sphincter ring with no resistance. She groaned, then reached behind

and pulled me farther into her. I began a slow pumping rhythm of long,

deep strokes, and shortly afterwards felt the contractions rippling

out from her depths that meant she was having her third orgasm of the

night. She cried out softly and called my name.

Her First Ass Fuck

Her First Ass Fuck
Briana sent some pictures of her nice ass over the internet to Sebastien. “I enjoy cooking for friends.” She was humming under her breath as she
cleared the table. “Would you like some dessert?”
I’d like that luscious pear-shaped ass for dessert. Now Sebastien can’t wait to meet her in person and you can see why. Now, how to phrase that delicately? “Why thank you, Fiona. Do you have anything sweet?” “Chocolate fudge and . . .” Sexy Briana loves to suck cock and will soon fall in love with taking it all in her ass!

Tight Jeans

Her voice came from somewhere behind me. I was standing in the aisle next

to Women’s Wear. The lady posing in front of the full-length mirror at

the entrance to the dressing rooms seemed to be talking to herself. Other

than me, there was no one in her immediate vicinity. And yes, the jeans

were a bit tight on her. In fact, she was literally bursting out of

them. Bottom-heavy, she was, and her ass would look big under *any*

circumstances, tight jeans or no. It didn’t just *look* big, it *was*

big — big and lush and pear-shaped. That ass, that huge beautiful ass,

was the fulfillment of every erotic fantasy I had ever had.

She was looking back over her shoulder. She was looking *straight at me*.

She had caught me staring! My guts turned to jelly and I started to turn

away. Where was the nearest exit? But . . . was that a hint of a smile

on her face? A mysterious smile. Yes. Making fun of me? Or . . .

Her First Anal Sex Episode 154

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Her First Anal Sex Episode 154
This country chick is far from innocent, but she’s never let a farm boy up her back forty. We’ll change that! Cum watch us till the forbidden butt soil she’s been saving all these years! Mia’s a perfect candidate for our ditch diggin’ crew!

We did a lot of things together, but she stopped short on two
things. First, there was no straight sex. Her vagina belonged
to her husband, she said. I could lick it, suck on it, finger
it, and look at it all I wanted. But I wasn’t going to stick my
rod in it. Not even for a second. The same went for her back
door, though she claimed that she just didn’t like anal sex.
Lastly, there was no kissing. That too was reserved for her

But that left a world of fun between us. She pushed those
massive tits together and I slid into her cleavage and came all
over her face and neck. She enjoyed having them played with and
sucked on. She loved massages and oral sex, both giving and
receiving. Neither of us cared for the 69 that much, but we
threw it in for variation now and then. One day I bought a
vibrator–er, ‘personal massager’–and drove her crazy with it
the entire afternoon. Her legs were wobbly when she left.
Sometimes we played games. She would wrap one of those
beautiful, strong hands around my penis and expertly bring me
off, and we’d measure how far I could shoot. She was great with
those hands. She was better at manipulating me than I was.

But it isn’t like the rest of my time was spent in a vacuum,
though. Something interesting had started to happen. Mrs.
French was becoming and exhibitionist.